Agents Errors & Omissions Insurance

Agents Errors & Omissions Insurance  



For the 2021-2022 policy term beginning on April 1, Ohio National has selected Mercer Consumer, a service of Mercer Health & Benefits Administration LLC, as the Plan Administrator of your E&O coverage. Continental Casualty Company, a member company of CNA Financial Corporation, is the underwriter for your E&O coverage.


Privacy Protection Endorsement — Subject to a $5,000 retention, your policy provides an aggregate limit of liability of $100,000 for the following: privacy Injury Liability, $100,000 each claim; Privacy Regulation Proceeding, $100,000 each claim; and Privacy Event Expenses, $25,000 each claim.


Wire Transfer Claim Endorsement — Your policy provides coverage regarding the transfer of client funds requested by communications received via electronic, fax, phone or written instruction. Coverage is subject to a sublimit of $150,000 per Wire Transfer Claim/$150,000 for each Insured and retention of $5,000 for each Wire Transfer Claim.


Expanded Tail Coverage — You may be eligible for a full year of tail coverage after termination of your contract with Ohio National. Additionally, you may be eligible to purchase optional, unlimited tail coverage within 90 days of your contract termination date. This applies to wrongful acts committed after your prior acts date and prior to your termination with Ohio National.


Costs of Corrections Coverage — Subject to the policy’s terms and conditions, you can receive coverage for mechanical, computer or human errors in processing transactions.


Outside RIA Coverage (Available to ONESCO Representatives Only) — Subject to underlying coverage requirements, coverage will be provided for Outside Registered Investment Advisor claims.


No Processing Fees — You shouldn’t have to pay for the convenience of paying by bank draft.


Expanded Payment Options — You can pay by credit card or electronic funds transfer on the website.


Amend Definition of Prior Acts Endorsement — Provides continuous prior acts coverage if the Agent’s/Representative’s Ohio National contract is reinstated within 90 days for any reason other than disciplinary reasons.


Insured’s Reimbursement of Expenses Endorsement — Subject to a sub-limit of $250 per day/$2,500 aggregate per Insured. Defense costs shall include the reimbursement of travel expenses of an Agent, General Agent or Registered Representative’s attendance at trials, depositions, mediations or arbitrations in support of a covered claim.


Pre-Claim Assistance Endorsement — Subject to a sublimit of $10,000 each potential claim.

Agents Errors & Omissions Insurance

Only Agents/Representatives holding an active contract with Ohio National or its subsidiaries are eligible for this E&O coverage.


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Life Agent (All Companies)
Sales and/or servicing of:

  • Life Insurance
  • Employee Benefits Plans (including administration of)
  • Fixed Annuities
  • Accident & Health Insurance
  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Pension/Profit Sharing Plans

Also includes:

  • Financial Planner activities in conjunction with sale of any of the above-listed products (whether or not a fee is charged)
  • Notary Public

Life Agent Plus Mutual Funds & Variable Products (Available to ONESCO Representatives Only — Additional Premium Applies)

All of the above plus:

  • Mutual Funds
  • Variable Annuities
  • Variable Life Insurance
  • Includes Series 6 & 63

Life Agent Plus Financial Products (Available to ONESCO Representatives Only — Additional Premium Applies)

All of the above plus: Other securities offered through ONESCO, including, but not limited to:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Unit Investment Trusts
  • Limited Partnerships*
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts*
  • Includes Series 7, 22, 24, 65, 66


*This program is underwritten by Continental Casualty Company(One of the CNA companies). Plan highlights are subject to policy terms and conditions.

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Administered by:

Mercer Consumer
12421 Meredith Drive
Urbandale, IA 50398
 Mailing Address
Mercer Consumer
P.O. Box 310179
Des Moines, IA 50331-0179
 Business Hours
8am to 5pm (CT), Monday – Friday



Continental Casualty Co.,
one of the CNA companies




The policy is a claims-made and reported policy.

CNA – Claims Reporting
PO Box 8317
Chicago, Illinois 60680-8317
  • Your Cost

    When applying during the policy term, April 1, 2021 through March 31, 2022, use the calculator below to determine your pro-rata premium based on the desired effective date of your coverage.

    If assistance is needed to calculate a daily pro-rata premium between February 1 – March 31 of the current policy term, please contact our service center at 1-800-627-5538, 8am to 5pm (CT), Monday – Friday.


    Daily Premium Calculator

  • Effective Date of Coverage

    Your coverage is effective per the following rules: 

    Coverage Status Effective Date Rules
    Enrolling for the first time with no prior coverage. Your coverage is effective as of the date you enroll in the ONL program.
    Replacing existing coverage Your new coverage is effective as of the expiration date of your existing coverage, as long as you enroll in the ONL plan prior to your expiration date.
    If you enroll after your expiration date, your coverage will be effective as of the date you enroll in the ONL program.
  • Exclusions

    • Any wrongful act that has been submitted under any prior policy
    • Claims based on any act, error or omission for which the Insured had prior knowledge
    • Claims by any spouse, child or any individual with whom the Insured has been involved in a live-in arrangement at the time of the loss
    • Claims by an enterprise the Insured controls
    • Damages allegedly sustained by anyone who is not a client of an Insured
    • Claims from any governmental or self-regulatory organizations (with limited carveback and sublimit)
    • Dishonest, fraudulent, criminal or intentional acts
    • Bodily injury, damage or destruction of property
    • Contractual Liability (with a carveback described in the policy)
    • Professional services performed by the Insured as an actuary, accountant, attorney, property or casualty agent, real estate agent or third-party administrator
    • Claims based on the Insured’s inability or refusal to pay or collect premium, claim or tax monies
    • Claims based on tax advice provided by the Insured unless Insured advises the client to seek the advice of a tax professional
    • Claims based on commingling or use of client funds
    • Claims based on profit gained by an Insured to which the Insured was not legally entitled
    • Insolvency of any organization in which funds have been placed or coverage obtained (with a carveback described in the policy)
    • Promises or guarantees as to the future value of an investment
    • Claims based on disputes over fees, commissions or charges (with a carveback described in the policy)
    • Claims arising out of employees’ benefits plans sponsored by an Insured as an employer
    • Claims arising out of the Insured’s status as a Named Fiduciary
    • Placement of coverage with Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements
    • Claims involving exercise of discretionary authority except when the Insured is exercising discretionary authority as a Registered Investment Advisor with respect to mutual funds, variable annuities or variable life products (with a carveback described in the policy)
    • Claims based on the design or implementation of any employee benefits plan
    • Claims based on price fixing, price discrimination, restraint of trade, antitrust or unfair trade
    • Unauthorized use of confidential information
    • Claims based on unlicensed activities (with a carveback described in the policy)
    • Viatical settlements, ETS pay phones, structured settlements, promissory notes, life settlements or reverse mortgages
    • Claims based on Insider Trading or the use of nonpublic information
    • Claims based on the Insured Broker/Dealer acting as a successor to another entity
    • Specific Products Exclusion Endorsement – excludes coverage for the following:
      1. Investment in Woodbridge Group of Companies, LLC d/b/a Woodbridge Wealth; or
      2. Investment in LJM Partners Ltd; or
      3. Investment in Future Income Payments, LLC; or
      4. Altcoins, cryptocurrency or any type of electronic or virtual currency, or any investment vehicle which trades in altcoins, cryptocurrency or any type of electronic or virtual currency; however, this exclusion shall not apply to registered mutual funds or exchange traded funds which are approved by the Insured Broker/Dealer, or
      5. Investment in GPB Capital Holdings; or
      6. Investment in First Global Capital, LLC or 1 Global Capital, LLC


    *Other exclusions may apply.


Only Agents/Representatives holding an active contract with Ohio National or its subsidiaries are eligible for this E&O coverage.

Ohio National E&O Program Brochure
2021-2022 Enrollment Form
Bank Debit/Credit Card Payment Authorization

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Outline of Coverage 

Limits of Liability 

$1,000,000 Each Claim (Life Agent only) / $1,000,000 In the Aggregate (Life Agent only) or $2,000,000 Each Claim / $2,000,000 In the Aggregate or $5,000,000 Each Claim / $5,000,000 In the Aggregate 

Defense Costs 

Outside the Limits of Liability (For the first $2 million) 


$500 (Each Claim) For products of Ohio National and those sold through ONESCO
$1,500 (Each Claim) For claims involving all other covered products and services 

Punitive Damages 


Cost of Corrections 


Military Activation Endorsement 


Policy Period 

April 1 of current year to April 1 of the following year 


See 'Exclusions' information in the Overview section (above).


Continental Casualty Company 

Claims Administrator 


Program Administrator 

Mercer Consumer 


Ohio National Life Insurance Company 


Acts, errors or omissions arising out of the rendering of or failure to render Professional Services
Personal Injury
Failure to supervise, manage or train (Applies to General Agents of an Agent and registered principals of a Registered Representative) 

Prior Acts Coverage Date 

Date of first continuous claims-made E&O coverage for Life Agents and General Agents.
Date of ONESCO contract for Registered Representatives; optional Prior Acts Extension coverage may be purchased. 

Prior Acts Extension - Registered Representatives 

Provides coverage for Securities transactions prior to the ONESCO contract date. Additional premium applies.  


General Agents
Registered Representatives of ONESCO who have paid the respective premium and whose names are on file with the insurer. 


Answers about the plan, including eligibility, options, enrollment, customer service and more.

  • How are Prior Acts addressed?

    Coverage is on a "Claims Made and Reported" basis. Claims must be made against you and reported to CNA in writing during the Policy Period for the coverage to be triggered. "Prior Acts" coverage is provided as long as this requirement is satisfied and in addition:

    1. You had no knowledge of any claims or potential claims as of the effective date of your coverage under the policy;
    2. You have no other coverage for any such claim;
    3. The act or personal injury must have occurred after the prior acts date which is the date of your first continuous claims-made E&O insurance coverage for Life Agents and General Agents. For Registered Representatives, it is the date of your ONESCO contract, unless the optional Prior Acts Extension coverage has been purchased, which amends the prior acts date to be the date of your first continuous claims-made E&O insurance coverage for Securities transactions.
  • Will I be covered for life and health companies I do business with outside of Ohio National?

    Yes, as long as the act, error or omission or Personal Injury occurred after the prior acts date. However, be aware that the deductible for outside covered products is $1,500 each claim.

  • Is the sale and/or servicing of property/casualty products covered?


  • Is there coverage for losses arising out of terrorism?


  • What if my contract with Ohio National is terminated during the policy period?

    Your insurance coverage ends on your contract termination date. You may be eligible for a full year of tail coverage after termination of your contract with Ohio National. Additionally, you may be eligible to purchase optional, unlimited tail coverage within 90 days of your contract termination date. This applies to wrongful acts committed after your prior acts date and prior to your termination with Ohio National. To determine your eligibility for the extended reporting period and/or obtain pricing for the unlimited tail coverage, please call Mercer Consumer’s service center at 1-800-627-5538, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm (CT).

  • I currently have E&O coverage elsewhere. What should I do prior to my enrollment in this E&O program about incidents of which I am aware that could give rise to a claim?

    Most E&O policies include an "Awareness Provision" similar to that described below. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you report any incident which you feel could give rise to an E&O claim to your current carrier. Failure to do so could leave you without coverage for such claims if it is discovered that you had knowledge of such an incident prior to your enrollment in this E&O Program.

  • What is a claim, and what does "Claims Made and Reported" mean?

    A "Claim" is any verbal or written demand for payment or restitution, a Claim is "made" when the Insured first learns of it, a Claim is "reported" by giving written notice of it to CNA. A Claim must be "made and reported" during the Policy Period. The policy requires that written notice of claims be provided as soon as practicable during the Policy Period.


    For your protection, the policy also includes an "Awareness Provision." This allows you to provide written notice of circumstances that could reasonably be expected to give rise to a claim. Then if a claim subsequently arises out of the described circumstances, it will be considered to be a claim during the Policy Period in which the written notice was received. Responsibility for such claims will rest with the carrier affording coverage during that Policy Period regardless of any future change in carrier.

  • How do I report a claim?

    Please call CNA at 1-877-CNA-ASAP (1-877-262-2727) or visit the CNA Claims Website.


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